Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Ring Out The Old

It has been awhile since my last musings here...the holiday season was good to us at Crescent Moon. But here I am at 5:55pm on 12/31/08 thinking about the year 2008 and as the saying goes… to Ring Out The Old and Ring In The New!

I won’t belabor you with recapping the year on a national level, since all the media channels, websites and newspaper headlines cover that very nicely. And what fodder there was from record breaking Olympics to historic politic happenings. I will however take a line or two to ring out 2008 for Crescent Moon and Mike and I.

  • We end our second year as owners of Crescent Moon
  • We start on our fourth year living on our boat
  • We weathered the start of the recession and learned much about retail markets
  • Mike finished his first year apprenticing in glass blowing and wants to do more
  • Joan learned to write a blog and entered into the cyberspace marketing era

We couldn’t have marked any of these milestones without our loyal customers and friends. We will strike a deal with all of you. We will continue to be here if you continue to be here. We will continue to strive to provide you with great service, beautiful glass and metal art, and a friendly atmosphere to do your shopping.

We wish all a wonderful New Year, 2009 upon us already. Wow it slides by so quickly. We are thankful for so much. We are thankful for our customers. Have fun and be safe!

Namaste….Joan and Mike