Monday, September 15, 2008

It's a new day...

This blog thing is all new to me and I must admit a little intimidating since I don't consider myself a journalistic type. Writing copy for ads and such is another thing. But today's marketing says you should have a blog, build your followers and keep them interested. So here I go, diving in head and feet first with my first blog post at 11:18pm while watching the Eagles play the Cowboys and oh, what a game. I'm an Eagles fan big time, and I'm sure some cheering will enter into my future blogs as the football season progresses. Oh, and I love the football season.

But art glass, yes art glass, is our theme here. At our gallery we display close to 65 artists who work in glass. Blown glass, fused glass, stained glass, flame-worked glass all categorized as functional, collectible, decorative, wearable or for outdoor. I'll attempt in this blog to inform the reader about art glass, and it's allure. And throw in some interesting stories about us.