Monday, November 23, 2009

A Day Off...One of Thanksgiving

I cried because I had no shoes
Until I saw a man who had no feet.

That is a phrase that stays with me always for many reasons.  Six years ago I shattered my right foot almost beyond repair.  But a fine surgeon put it back together again.  When it aches and I need my walking stick at night, I remind myself that I have my foot.  Five years ago I lost my mom on Thanksgiving Eve.  It was hard to approach the day in the next years without some grief erupting. I remind myself now that she was there in my life for 49 years and 87 on earth.

2009 has been tough for so many, and it is easy to get lost in your own challenges.  But there is always someone that is being challenged more.  Those who have lost their footing.

So this Thanksgiving Thursday, a rare day off for Mike and I, we will give thanks for so much.  Our safe country, our soldiers that protect us relentlessly, my in-laws at age 87 each, and the freedom to own our own business and pursue our passion.

So a parade, some football, a walk, and a casual quiet dinner, just the two of us, will make our day.
Happy Thanksgiving...take time to remember.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

One Of These Days...

Fess Up!  How many of us have said that?  Probably each person reading this.  Whether it was in talking about a special trip to a far off place or leaving a less than enthusiastic job and starting a new second career.  Hey we heard it all the time when Mike or I would talk about living on our boat for 4 years.  "One of these days, my wife and I want to do that, and cruise the The Loop."

Martha Eggerton and Ted Humphries said it repeatedly over Friday cocktails with their respective spouses on the back deck.  They dreamed that "one of these days" they would be able to blow glass here in Wilmington.  Out of that dream, OTD Studios was born in 2005.  Fast forward five years and Crescent Moon is proud to showcase their art glass bowls and vases.  I just love these stories.
Moral here is:  You Can Do It...If You Dream It!

Friday, November 6, 2009

Hey Mikey...You Like It...

Remember the commercials for LIFE cereal?   The big boys shove the cereal bowl over to little Mikey who casually spoons a few morsels from the bowl and then a little more and then the boys who are amazed exclaim...He Likes It! 

Well, my Mike, who does not consider himself the glass artist as yet...Likes It.  The studio time that is to make his ornaments.  He likes working with glass and he is getting good.  I consider him an artist and so do our wonderful customers.  Last week alone we sold over 8 of his ornaments.

Mike likes owning Crescent Moon too!  Whether it is working the gallery floor or networking at night.  Mikey Likes It!
So I invite you to come in and judge for yourself if Mike is an artist.