Saturday, October 25, 2008

The "DreamList" Gift Registery Service in vogue at Crescent Moon

Did you know that the practice of a bridal registry was first instituted by Chicago-founded department store Marshall Fields in 1924 at its Marshall Field and Company building as a means for the engaged couple to indicate chosen china, silver and crystal patterns to family and friends. US-based Target stores were the first to introduce an electronic gift registry in 1993.
We have an established Art registry that is titled “Dream List” on our website, Now the shop will have a DreamList Corner to make it easy for customer to browse around with a registry list and pencil in hand, and either create their registry themselves at the dedicated computer center, or leave the list for us to enter later. Telling family and friends where to find your DreamList however is the important part, and in your hands.
We wanted to provide a way for anyone, not only bridal couples, to start collecting art that they could enjoy for many years and someday pass on as heirlooms. With many couples setting up households prior to marriage, the need for linens, dinnerware and appliances is not as great at wedding time, allowing them to instead collect or decorate with “art” works. For anyone, getting a beautiful piece of art glass that you want is much better than another sweater that you end up returning.
With the holidays approaching Crescent Moon is anticipating a positive response to our DreamList registery and wer’re looking forward to wrapping a lot of gifts. Don’t forget we offer FREE gift wrapping and will ship and insure any purchase.