Friday, May 7, 2010

Crescent Moon has fleas

My blogging juices are flowing again.  I disappoint myself when I'm lax in touting to the world all the creative news and musings I have.   unhuh right.  But I have some News!  We've got FLEAS! And they are Original!

The Original Fleas were first created over 30 years ago, and the fun-loving personalities of Greg and Jeff Quayle are obvious in each unique sculpture they create. These unique handcrafted sculptures depict more than 230 professions, sports, and hobbies. There is a flea for everyone! 


Yep there is a FLEA inside...

Perfect for the Itchy Graduate!

Jeff and Greg do custom requests we found out.  So expect to see a flea swinging on the crescent moon and undoubtedly a flea blowing glass.