Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Another New Beginning

The blog has been silent and I have been absent. We are dirt dwellers once again and my mind and body are totally absorbed in the many tasks required to set up a full household. Running from store to store, I’ve stimulated the Wilmington economy with my purchases on multiple trash cans, laundry accessories, cleaning dusters, mops, brooms, wands, cloths and rugs, drawer organizers, and last but not least, bubble bath for enjoying our new soaking tub. There will be projects of course, lovely ones like painting, caulking here and there, building shelves, and replacing faucets. The task we’re looking forward to the most however, is decorating with our art glass. Our new home showcases like a gallery with perfect architectural points and excellent lighting. Platters, jellyfish, orbs and vases will be placed throughout. Fan Pulls and finials will grace the lighting. Nightlights will illuminate the halls and chimes will hang on the porch.

House living is new and exciting for us. Seems silly to some I’m sure, just as moving and living aboard our boat was 4 years ago. That was exciting and new then too. Buying a shop called Crescent Moon 2 years ago was exciting and new. Every choice we’ve made has been refreshing and fits Mike and I and our personalities. Everyone should add something new and exciting to their lives occasionally. It’s stimulating!

Next I’ve heard is the Harley…