Saturday, November 14, 2009

One Of These Days...

Fess Up!  How many of us have said that?  Probably each person reading this.  Whether it was in talking about a special trip to a far off place or leaving a less than enthusiastic job and starting a new second career.  Hey we heard it all the time when Mike or I would talk about living on our boat for 4 years.  "One of these days, my wife and I want to do that, and cruise the The Loop."

Martha Eggerton and Ted Humphries said it repeatedly over Friday cocktails with their respective spouses on the back deck.  They dreamed that "one of these days" they would be able to blow glass here in Wilmington.  Out of that dream, OTD Studios was born in 2005.  Fast forward five years and Crescent Moon is proud to showcase their art glass bowls and vases.  I just love these stories.
Moral here is:  You Can Do It...If You Dream It!