Wednesday, April 15, 2009


We are asked frequently at Crescent Moon on how someone would go about displaying or hanging their art glass ornaments. That one question sometimes catches me by surprise, because at Crescent Moon we have our art glass displayed every way we can think of. That is not the typical situation for your home however. We do suggest to anyone decorating with art glass to think outside of the normal table displays.

We have several display hangers that you can extend from a sturdy cup or “j” hook inserted in the ceiling, wall, or window frame. The size of the hook needed will depend on the weight of the glass object.

For solid surfaces such as a stud, simply drill and screw the “j” hook into the wall stud or ceiling beam. But if the surface is hollow, you will need to drill and insert a plastic anchor into the hole and then screw in the “j” hook. Anchors and hooks can be found at the hardware store.

Here are some examples of displays. Have fun with your decorating and add a little surprise of color to an unexpected place in your home. Glass catches the light from your windows and lighting like no other 3D art and catches the eye as well.