Sunday, April 26, 2009

It's a Family and Friend Affair

Put to music and this title would sound pretty familiar, right? Here at Crescent Moon we are hitting all the right notes and friends and family are part of the band. Mike started apprenticing in glass blowing last year and has since spent time honing his craft. He doesn't get many hours to do this, since he is active in running the shop and most of the time spent at the studio is as the assistant to one or another glass blower. Assisting is the best way to learn.
He brought this wonderful blue vase to the shop last week and it shows how far he has come.

Anne Bartlett is my sister, the pretty one, and since our purchasing the shop, has discovered her love for glass too. Working with fused glass her dichroic pendants have become a favorite item since their introduction. Talented family so far! Anne's studio Serendipity is in her home in Wilmington.

Friends included here. Lynn Donofrio and "Me" have embarked on unleashing hidden talents recently. Our method of choice is hand-painted glass art. Not as easy as one imagines. Just getting started we are practicing painting techniques and let me tell you...leaves are hard. But the laughs and good times we are having make the mistakes all worth it. I convinced Lynn and myself that our first "vases" deserved to be showcased in the shop. So here they are. Would all the real artists please try not to roll on the floor laughing. :)

Mike and I are fortunate to be loving our work and our hobbies, and we have more family and many friends that you never know may want to tap into their artistic sides. There will be a place in the gallery for each and every one.

"Do what you love. Know your own bone; gnaw at it, bury it, unearth it, and gnaw it still." Henry David Thoreau

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


We are asked frequently at Crescent Moon on how someone would go about displaying or hanging their art glass ornaments. That one question sometimes catches me by surprise, because at Crescent Moon we have our art glass displayed every way we can think of. That is not the typical situation for your home however. We do suggest to anyone decorating with art glass to think outside of the normal table displays.

We have several display hangers that you can extend from a sturdy cup or “j” hook inserted in the ceiling, wall, or window frame. The size of the hook needed will depend on the weight of the glass object.

For solid surfaces such as a stud, simply drill and screw the “j” hook into the wall stud or ceiling beam. But if the surface is hollow, you will need to drill and insert a plastic anchor into the hole and then screw in the “j” hook. Anchors and hooks can be found at the hardware store.

Here are some examples of displays. Have fun with your decorating and add a little surprise of color to an unexpected place in your home. Glass catches the light from your windows and lighting like no other 3D art and catches the eye as well.