Friday, November 6, 2009

Hey Mikey...You Like It...

Remember the commercials for LIFE cereal?   The big boys shove the cereal bowl over to little Mikey who casually spoons a few morsels from the bowl and then a little more and then the boys who are amazed exclaim...He Likes It! 

Well, my Mike, who does not consider himself the glass artist as yet...Likes It.  The studio time that is to make his ornaments.  He likes working with glass and he is getting good.  I consider him an artist and so do our wonderful customers.  Last week alone we sold over 8 of his ornaments.

Mike likes owning Crescent Moon too!  Whether it is working the gallery floor or networking at night.  Mikey Likes It!
So I invite you to come in and judge for yourself if Mike is an artist.

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