Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Keeping it Local...

My time spent with our social networking on Facebook and Twitter is time well spent.  It has introduced us to many local businesses that we might not have known about otherwise.  See, with working seven days a week, we don't get out much, ("wink").  One great example of a connection we made on Facebook was our "friending" with Old Growth Riverwood, a local husband and wife wood working enterprise.  Old Growth Riverwood located in Castle Hayne, reclaims lost pieces of history and transforms them into unique and beautiful wood products for home or business.  When I read that on their website an idea immediately popped into my head.  We were planning a new display area in the shop, so why not contact Chris at Old Growth Riverwood for shelving.  Well, the rest is history now, literally.  The display is finished and all the shelves are historical...reclaimed from the bottom of the Cape Fear River.  Over a hundred years ago, these logs were cut from trees somewhere upriver and were floated down to mills to become lumber.  The logs were rafted together, but the heavier dense logs sank to the bottom of the Cape Fear.  Now they are wonderful heart pine wood shelves floating on the walls of our shop.

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Go Green said...

Wow...your beautiful art and our riverwood shelves look Great together! Perfect fit!

Old Growth Riverwood