Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Catching Up with New Artists

Is there such a thing a bloggers block? Looking at the last post date, I think I came down with a case of it. But I'm re-focused, refreshed and ready to write. Some exciting new artists have joined Crescent Moon. Let me introduce them.

Ted Sam
ple was a 25 year glass blower with Steuben Glass in New York state until he and his fam
ily relocated to North Carolina a few years ago. He is blowing glass again out of our favorite studio on Castle Street, RDG Designs, owned by Jane Greer. Mike assists him in the studio and some wonderful designs are happening. His latest... Lemon Yellow Vase...shown to the left is stunning and priced at $110 Look for more postings on Ted and his work soon.

Meet Jennifer Thomas, a local artist from Castle Hayne. Jennifer walked into Crescent Moon earlier this week and wowed us with her simple, yet artistic ornaments. We are thrilled to be the first gallery to introduce her work. Using stained glass and putting her own painted twist on the designs, she embellishes them nicely and wraps up the whole package with a stenciled box. Makes the perfect gift for $30 each. There are 5 styles: Drop, Oval, Paisley, Mushroom and Frame. Shown below are Drop and Paisley . Come in and welcome Jennifer by buying an original.

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