Saturday, November 29, 2008

Tis' the Season

Tis’ the season to be jolly! And optimistic if you are in retail. Mike and I are fortunate in that regard, we are positive people. He has always helped me see that the glass can be half full even in the most trying of times. The media coverage and belabored analysis of the gloom and doom economy are enough to rattle the most optimistic personalities though. Until your customers make it a point to come back to see you again this year like ours from Howell, NJ did this Thanksgiving weekend. Then our faith is renewed. We have done our job in encouraging happy repeat customers who love to come see us and even ask for a hug before they leave. The group shot to the left tells it all. They are the holiday season. The boys love to select their piece of art glass and this year it was Curtis Cecil’s “eyeball” marble. They still wear our T-Shirts that we gave them last year and they make their parents proud with their maturity and politeness.

Our goal this season is to continue our friendly service, and customer building tradition. Without them, obviously, Crescent Moon would be nothing. We give thanks this holiday weekend for our customers and their appreciation for the art that we offer. We will continue to add artists that delight and encourage the collector.

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