Wednesday, December 1, 2010

On a personal note

On a personal note...

My belief is if you put positive energy into the universe...positive energy will come back to you. Simple. Its' root in my life is from my time as a holistic massage therapist and Reiki practitioner. I would stand along side a client and be present to offer to the best and loving support at that moment. I've experienced some strong affects to what energy work can do.

This past week the positive energy that surrounded Crescent Moon was undeniable. We were fortunate to have WECT and WWAY interview and highlight us. Judy Royal's Retail Details column in the Star News along with Encore's Magazine Gallery page photo have brought more new customers and advertising results than ever before. Our website orders were strong. Our loyal customers continue to give us compliments that humble us.

With the season of celebrating at its' cusp Mike and I celebrate the life we are living! We love our careers and we love our community. Be a positive influence and let the Universe reward you.

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