Sunday, January 25, 2009

Rick Satava - New Work

Most of our customers know that Rick Satava's jellyfish are one of the favorite pieces of our glass art for many who visit. I've blogged about them early on and commented that people bring relatives in just to show them our shelf of jellies. We do keep an impressive amount on display, I must say. Now the one wish of many has come true. Rick is producing "mini" jellies that stand 4.5" tall and retail for $260. Previously the smallest available was a 6.5" jelly retailing at $440-$480. The small stature does not take away from any of the qualities of jellyfish. The translucency of the jelly "domes" and the three-D affects of the "legs" are maintained. It is such a wonderful addition to his line and perfect for our customers who have longed to own a Satava "jelly". We already have orders for the mini Blue Moon and Pacific colors. Speaking of colors, Rick has added a Ribbed Purple to his colors. We haven't seen it yet and we are eagerly awaiting the arrival.

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