Saturday, February 7, 2009

Josh Simpson - New Work

Many in the glass world know Josh Simpson. You easily recognize his extraordinary “planets”, and Blue New Mexico glass. His work and name are associated with many fine museums and galleries worldwide. What you may not know about Josh is his fascination with space. Incidentally he is married to Cady Coleman, a space astronaut with an extensive biography of shuttle trips and adventures. Together they intrigue me because they appear to be so down to earth (couldn’t resist), so approachable and willing to invite you into their lives by detailing their passions through several video productions.

As an artist Josh likes to challenge himself and will come up with new work each year or have a project to undertake. From his staff you get the impression he has a great sense of humor and studio days are sometimes full of surprises.

His new glass this year is “Corona”. Josh has stated that he likes to translate some of the wonder of the Universe into his work. That is exactly what the new Corona pieces do. When we received our latest order for planets and vases, we received a Corona platter and bowl accompanied by a photo from the Hubble satellite that undoubtedly inspired Josh. The rich color distribution with earthy hues and then a splash of vibrant purple blended and swirled expertly allows you to view it as a piece of the universe only a few get to see close up.

Customers will always find a large selection of Josh's inhabited planets, gravitrons, and vessels here at Crescent Moon. It is something personal to pick up and hold, touch and then gravitate to the certain piece that captivates you. You will be captivated!

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