Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Off to the Show

The Buyers Market of American Craft is this weekend in Philadelphia and we will be there walking the aisles in awe of the numerous glass artists with their work smartly displayed with just the right lighting enticing me to spend more than our budget allows. The economy this time around will certainly weigh on our decisions on how many new artists to add to the shop and which artists' work will offer the best choice for our customers who are cutting expenses along with all of us.

Even with the serious business of making our choices, this show is still a highlight of our year. We learn so much from talking with our artists about their craft and simply enjoy being in the company of such magnificent work.

Another perk to the trip is combining visits with family and friends since we are from southern New Jersey. So tomorrow we will head out Rt 40 to that great interstate 95 and make our pilgrimage north and hope all the way that the weather will be on our side.

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