Saturday, February 28, 2009


Making a significant change in your life or taking a risk that may seem crazy to everyone around you, and feeling good about it, is not something that is taught or coached in a class or seminar. The "feeling good about it" simply comes from the gut. At least that has been our experience. And we are feeling good about our decision to become dirt dwellers again and have bought a lovely home in Wilmington's Masonboro area. This means we will move off our dear Quiescent which I've described and blogged about previously. It is for sale and we are getting quite a few interested inquiries on it. So there are transactions happening both in home and boat real estate and that is good news.

Living aboard Quiescent and traveling the ICW in 2005-2006 is an experience that Mike and I agree we will never regret. Many individuals and couples put off doing what they talk about, always putting another milestone in their path to accomplish before embarking on their plans, and subsequently often lose the opportunity. Maybe foolishly to some, we tend to jump right in. When the guts tell us it's right. Quiescent has allowed us to meet many new friends while traveling, experience sunsets that were awe inspiring and gave us "a story" to tell our customers when we strike up a conversation with them. No, we don't regret a moment. Well, maybe the moments when I blow fuses trying to use too many burners and the oven at one time, or the coffee pot is brewing and I plug in the blow dryer. But those pale to all the other wonderful times we've had with friends and family aboard cruising NJ and the Cape Fear region.

So this transition in our lives once again must mean I will need to change part of our blog purpose and shift all my focus to our glass and shop. Well, Mike has never been without a boat since he was eight, and we do have a kayak still, so there will always be a little bit of our love of the water in my musings.

Here are a few of our boats we've enjoyed.

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