Thursday, January 21, 2010

Moving South 2006 on Quiescent...who happens to be for sale!

When we left New Jersey in November of 2006 we said goodbye to the fabulous shoreline of Atlantic City's casinos and Wildwood's fun boardwalk.  There is nothing compared to the "jersey shore" when you grew up a "jersey girl".  Just ask Bruce Springstein.

Making our way up the Delaware Bay the not to be missed landmark is Salem's Nuclear plant.  When the smoke is straight up the wind is mild for smooth cruising.

Sailing into the sunset (but without sails) each evening with others traversing south is a calming and somewhat communal feeling.

Settling in each night at port with friends led to some great meals and better conversations.

The C & D canal, as serene and peaceful as this gives time for true reflection.  Not just the picture time.

Traveling in "packs" is commonplace on the ICW Spring and Fall as the snowbirds return to warm waters.  Quiescent took the lead here while crossing the Albermarle Sound.  Calm waters were with us that day.

Dowry Creek Marina's BEER CAN CHICKEN party is the BEST ever!

So letting the first mate take a turn at the helm means the captain can take a break and enjoy the ride.
So pass the word, this life could be for someone you know...and Quiescent is anxious to get back out on the ICW to cruise around and make some people happy!

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Katherine C said...

Love the picture of your boat on the Albemarle Sound. It made me homesick. I am from Elizabeth City!